Maybe there's something you're afraid to say, or someone you're afraid to love, or somewhere you're afraid to go. It's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt because it matters.


WHY would you want weed socks where you gonna wear those?? to church???? to school? to work? no you’ll wear them at home by yourself and take pics of them for the internet bc there’s little marijuanas on them

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“A philosopher once asked, “Are we human because we gaze at the stars, or do we gaze at them because we are human?”

Pointless, really…”Do the stars gaze back?” Now that’s a question.”

Neil Gaiman, Stardust  (via budddha)

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Don’t be so vain to think that you ruined me,
that you wrecked me,
destroyed me.

I am the only one who has the power to do that. Amanda Helm, The Day I Learned That I was Broken (via hellanne)

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The last time I had ridden down this road, I was contemplating suicide. Today when we rode down this road, I felt happiness.



you deserve all the love and happiness in the world!

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Miley Cyrus won the biggest award up for grabs at the VMA’s last night, winning “Video Of The Year” and instead of just going up on stage and taking her trophy, she very kindly took a young homeless man with her to represent the homeless community. She took him as her date then sent him up to collect the award for her, and he had written and said a lovely speech about being homeless and the charity whilst miley looked on in tears. Don’t you ever tell me she doesn’t have a heart of gold, she is an amazing human being.
She imagines him imagining her. This is her salvation. Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin (via kushandwizdom)

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"what’s your favourite food?"



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the ideal date is coming over to my house and staring at my wolf figurines in complete silence. if you touch any of them the date is over

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I can’t wait to move in with someone and cook for them and own dogs and watch movies and have a live-in-best-friend who I get to bang

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'Dont I get a hug' most cringeworthy line

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